Our Hungry Family in Texas

By a correspondent from the Texas Big Bend

According to a USDA report released recently, some twelve million American families had problems affording food in 2002. The Department of Agriculture also stated that a high percentage of these men, women and children actually, at one time or another, went hungry, but not due to food scarcity. It was estimated that of almost four million families last year, someone in the household missed meals because the family income was insufficient to acquire food. This, according to the USDA is a slightly over eight percent increase from 2001.

Out of the world's total population, an estimated twenty-three percent are financially incapable of providing for themselves an adequate nutritional diet. According to international advisory comities, almost thirty-five thousand children under the age of five die of the effects of malnutrition in this world each and every day. To bring all of this a little closer to home, approximately one and one half million children in Texas live under the poverty level, this relates to about 27%, compared to 21% of the national mean for the same circumstances.
Dramatic hunger in the United States is not as prevalent as in other countries such as Somalia, Sudan and etc.

The fact that our problem of hunger in this country is not as obvious, it tends to go unrecognized but is no less serious and is often overlooked or ignored by local and state capitalist politics, leaving relief to the private sector.

In most cases there is not much choice for individual households at the low to mid income level with children or fixed income elderly... It is simply a case of pay the rent or eat, pay the utilities or eat, pay the pharmacy or eat. This is the legacy of the lower to mid-class proletarian under our present state of affairs; Those who have, will maintain their grasp of control over the lower classes, and those who have not are doomed to continue their spiraling decline of never ending servitude.

Many in Texas and the nation are intimidated when they apply for food stamps or nutritional assistance by the very agencies that were organized to help them. Understandably many of these programs in Texas are merely a short stop to a problem! They are more like life support to many and not an answer to the basic situation at hand, which is simply enough, disorganized labor in our country.

It is well known that children who are raised lacking in nutritional requirements have been shown to be underachievers and of poor health for the remainder of their lives thus a burden to or on their so-called "Society". This is a statistic according to the AMA, however these "statistics" are not found in the children of the bourgeois aristocracy but are unique to the children of the proletarians, the working masses. Their pain is our pain and often they live next door to us or within the confines of our own homes.
In a nation such as ours with in-exhaustible industrial resources, land space and technology, we have the ability to produce and distribute foods of all types in great abundance to our fellow human beings. It can be easily witnessed that the reason so many are suffering from hunger or the effects of malnutrition is due to the fact that our resources for production and distribution are not being utilized for the needs of all people. So long as the farming industry is subsidized not to plant crops that would feed our hungry or food crops are destroyed for no other reason than to artificially elevate prices, this will simply be a case of greed verses need. Continuing with this thought, why are literally tons of food crop products destroyed each year due to the culling of size, shape or color? Does anyone think that a small hungry child cares about the size or color of a tomato, onion or potato as that fresh produce is burned in a dump or plowed under in a field... The child's stomach is still empty! Why do so many go hungry amongst such abundance and ability you may ask? It's simple... The agribusiness of today is all about profit and there is no profit in feeding those who can't pay!

Our present course of action, it would seem, is to mobilize our military for the purposes of the subjugation of the mid-east for the extrapolation of petroleum products. Would it not be more beneficial to the populous of our state, nation or the world for the mobilization of an "Agricultural Militia" which in turn would simultaneously reduce our unemployment rate and increase food crop production? This newly organized entity could also be responsible for the packaging and distribution of food and nutritional products to the working masses in need of such items and might also become the caretaker of our farmlands thus filling the bellies of the working classes rather that filling the pockets of a few callus individuals who have never known hunger.

A nation removed from the constraints of antisocial and antiquated concepts of bourgeois capitalistic domination and united under a more socialistically stylized form of government would be able to end the disabling crisis of hunger among its inhabitants thus moving beyond the capitalistic agribusiness of this county's many food producing monopolies to a more socialized program of production would also end the vile exploitation of the farm worker, feed our fellow countryman and end the destruction of the land and natural resources upon which we so greatly depend.




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