Election Run Is On!

The Texas elections for November, 2004, were off and running by the end of June, 2003. Candidate Howard Dean held a rally at the Dallas City Hall that drew 1,500, even though the internet was the only way anybody knew about it. Those who are serious about Texas elections also knew that the September 13 constitutional amendment elections would give them momentum for an early start on 2004.

At first glance, the September 13 elections seem inconsequential. However, a highly contentious 3-word phrase is hidden in the middle of the middle proposal, Proposition 12. It would allow the legislature to set limits on damages in virtually any kind of civil lawsuit. Corporations and insurance companies want this legislation very badly.

As always, the way to understand historical processes is by looking at the class struggle. Which class benefits when Proposition 12 is passed? Which class benefits when it fails?

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