Texas Families Speak for Peace

In Crawford, right outside GW Bush's "Western White House," anti-war demonstrators gathered on August 23 for a historic turn in the peace movement. Families of soldiers in Iraq began to demand that their sons and husbands be returned to the United States. For weeks before, it had been apparent that the soldiers themselves were disgusted with the occupation, but reporters found it increasingly hard to quote them. Their families were under no such constraints.

About 150 supporters gathered with seven families who were the first in Texas to speak out against the occupation. Veterans for Peace supported them strongly. From the Crawford Peace House, Doc Misher rode over to the demo on the horse he had riddenfrom Montana. Misher said that he had waited since mid-June to speak to Bush about peace in Iraq, but waited in vain.

At the end of the rally, representatives of the families gathered on the stage for final words from organizer Candance Robison of Krum.


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