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No Denying Movement's Flying

From OKC activist:

I hope some of you can make it. Protests are happening nationwide TOMORROW. (April 27)
I've been calling it the "Let's Not Become Fascist Day" would be funnier if it wasn't so close to
the truth... "All Hands on the Deck Folks!"

Stop the Right-Wing Judicial takeover
Western District of Oklahoma Courthouse
215 Dean A. McGee Avenue
Oklahoma City,, OK 73102
Wednesday, 27 Apr 2005, 5:00 PM

Also at 5 PM, there are protests at the Dallas and Ft Worth Federal Buildings. Also one in Tyler. If you were wondering when Americans were going to say, "I've had enough!" and hit the streets as people all over South America are doing, it might be April 27!


So much is happening that I can't get it all posted on our "coming up" page, where I post the progressive events that people tell me about. Look it over, and send me your local events for posting.

Recently, at least two youthful Oklahoma groups have contacted me about their new organizations using the words "socialist" or "communist" in the title. We wish them the best of luck and hope they will be a big boost in their own areas. Also, if any of them would like to join CPUSA, they can do it easily on I may be in Oklahoma over the next month or two, and I hope to see lots of progressive activity. If Oklahoma's radical activists measure up to their great history, they will be something!

The peace movement has recovered from the November election and other trauma. I'll post some of the events. A lot of the fragmented electoral groups that gathered around different presidential candidates are now meeting regularly. Also, they are opening their arms to other progressive election workers. Truly, there is a lot to be gained from elections beyond just the official vote total. Progressives made a lot of important connections with one another during the last federal elections, and it's paying off now in stronger and smarter electoral groups.

Probably the best news is the way civil rights organizations are working with labor on the Social Security issue. A lot of groups with little history of cooperating are now comfortably working together to try to stop the Bush Administration's determined attacks against older workers.

Unlike some so-called "leftist" groups, CPUSA is glad to help build every possible progressive action. We have no interests outside those of the working class.

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