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April is big for Immigrant Rights

By Jim Lane

DALLAS -- As the April 24 weekend showed, the fight for immigrant rights is really heating up in Texas. Citizens' Network called for a rally on April 24 at City Hall and a vigil on April 28 at the site of the Kennedy assassination. Voices for Immigrants and other groups had a commemoration of the 1980 death of Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero on April 24. Virtually all of the groups will join the Mega March Coalition for another rally at City Hall on April 1.

Meanwhile, some of the most serious defenders of democracy are registering voters and campaigning in the city of Farmers' Branch, which is adjacent to North Dallas. Right wing councilpersons in Farmers' Branch are trying to get people to vote for them and for their anti-immigrant resolution on May 12.

There are at least three major actions celebrating the March 31 birthday of Farmworker Organizer Cesar Chavez planned in Texas.

Other activities are being discussed as May 1, the international workers' holiday, draws near. Hopes, expectations, and temperatures are rising!

"Stop the Raids"


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