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Forum Charts Post-Election Course

The Amigos Del Mundo forum on November 12 began with a short overview of statistics from the recent elections. The 59% vote reported from Texas' Latinos to Republicans drew particular interest. One explanation was that some voting Latinos consider themselves quite separate and above newly-arrived immigrants, and thus want to identify themselves with the wealthy establishment. Others said that the right-wing campaign on phony religious issues had been especially effective with Latino voters.

The failure of candidates to clarify their opposition to right-wingers was pointed out. One participant urged a much stronger effort to expose and combat those who exploit religious issues for political gain. Others felt that a focus on the real leaders of the right-wing coalition, transnational corporations, would be better in the long run. It was pointed out that there are many true religious leaders who devote themselves to carrying out honest work among the people.

A quick review of several meetings that have taken place since the elections showed that most area activists are not dismayed nor intimidated. The limited nature of capitalist democracy was further explained. The necessity of building a fightback was emphasized.