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Austin Club Forming, Tulsa Next

-Original -: CPUSA: Austin Club
Dear Jim:
The new member is going to work out great--we had a very productive (nearly four hour-long!) meeting last night. We'll have enough to be an official club. I'm working on a few others.

What do we need to do to order a bundle of papers for the club?


Dear Austin member,

Great news!

Bundles of PWW are cheap. They send a monthly bill. Decide how many you want and what address you want them sent to. How they send them depends on the size of the order. When we know big public actions are coming, we can order more papers easily. This is a good opportunity to start working collectively. So get the group to decide. Make a plan.

I don't know if you saw the big write up in the San Antonio paper about the club near you. They published the entire election plan!
One thing you might want to consider is coming up here November 12. We're starting our regular forum at 6 PM in order to discuss the Nov 2 elections. I think there's a big national meeting in mid-November in New York, so we can work up some good Texas input for whoever goes to that.
Even before you order your bundle, you might want to discuss having a more general plan. Traditionally, clubs are supposed to be based either on a workplace or on a specific neighborhood. Like "Precinct 4013" or "Lincoln Junior High" or "Community Hospital." That's not a rigid rule, and lots of clubs are just people who live in the same city. As there are more and more "at large members," like you were until yesterday, we need to look at some better way to integrate everybody across wide spaces. I'd say that you should make some kind of a plan before you order your bundle. If you just order a bundle without a plan, some one person will end up getting stuck with the whole job.

Your plan might be like: we're going to expand our subscription base in such and such a place by having a regular table over there monthly. So and so will keep our data base, so and so will pick up the papers every week, we'll divide them that evening, etcetc etc. You'll probably come up with something pretty workable. I guess I might caution you to not be too ambitious. America needs socialism desperately, but not a lot or people have realized it yet, so it's often tough sledding.

Should you get a PO Box or an e-mail I can post on Have you collected any dues? Send them to me at Box 226147, Dallas TX, 75222 or to CPUSA at 435 W 23rd Street, NYNY 10011. We pay our $1/month dues and several of us give a regular sustainer, too. Then, when the fund drives come, we usually have a little money to start off. The PWW fund drive is now, by the way, so it would be good to put it on your agenda to discuss. We were about 1/3 of the way through the goal before I realized it was going on.

You'll be pleased to know that I recently received an e-mail from a couple of at large members in Tulsa who say they will have a functioning club there soon. It's good that so many of the at large members are consolidating into clubs because we will be having pre-convention discussion in 2005, and it's so much more productive if we have a group. I find that people who "talk" over the internet tend to rave without thinking. Also, we'll be apportioned delegates to the convention on the basis of how many members "in good standing" we have, that means getting the dues all straight, and that works so much better by clubs.

I also think a lot of internet users tend to be shy. Even me. I think I used to be more gregarious than I am now, and it's probably because the "easy way" to communicate is through the ether. Somehow, we have to overcome these problems and unify ourselves better. You Austin folks just led the way!

love & solidarity

Jim Lane, People's Weekly World Correspondent in Dallas