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Corporate Hand Grabs for Bolivia --

Bolivians Extend Single-Digit Response

Gobble-lization took a setback in Bolivia in their elections, just as it did in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay a few weeks ago. The AP article says, "The new groups, including United Citizens, campaigned for cleaner streets, better access to education and health care and improved public transportation. They also oppose globalization and the trade policies of the United States." The older pro-U.S. parties were routed!

Former leader Sanchez de Lozada had a plan to export gas to Mexico and California. Opponents pointed out that it would benefit the elite and not the poor, just as all the other gobble-lization "agreements" do. The AP says, "Sanchez de Lozada fled to the United States and his party, the Nationalist Revolutionary Party, was among those predicted to lose political strength."