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Texans are on the Ball

By Jim Lane

Our North Texas club meeting on June 29 was one of our best. We started by listening on speakerphone to the first part of the Communist Party National Committee meeeting. We were pleased to hear that the Party's orientation toward the ongoing elections is going well, and that national experiences seem to dovetail with our own.

I don't think anybody in our group disagreed with the national report. The twists and turns of the political candidates haven't kept North Texans from keeping our eyes on the prize. The process itself, not just the candidates, are our focus. We're moving along with the greatest part of the working class and, especially, its youth, toward political change in America and in the world.

After we hung up the phone, the first commenter noted that the new awareness of key subjects like the economy, immigration, health care, and international affairs applies to our contacts in North Texas just as it does to the rest of the nation. Like some of the national speakers, we saw our own role as trying to deepen that awareness and help lead it to action.

We noted that our electoral struggle was reflected in other parts of the world, especially in South America, where masses of people are striving toward more liberty and away from imperialism's grasp.

One speaker really nailed it. He said that this election is about democracy. We have been seeing democracy curtailed for a long time, and now people are standing up for getting more democracy.

Another speaker correctly brought up her concerns about what will happen after the election. Will our grass-roots organizations and the general striving for a better America continue? How can we help make it so?

Along with the national speaker, we noted that it is wrong to try to directly apply the electoral lessons of history in other countries to our situation here. Hardly any of them had a two-party system in a modern industrial society, to begin with.

It is our dialectical approach that guides us in the current situation. We are not summarizing today's situation in unchanging terms, but in fluid processes. We are interested in trends more than in any static, immediate, development. The main trend is that Americans are in motion for progress, and we are very much a part of that movement, both nationally and in North Texas.

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