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North Texas Communists Make Plans

The North Texas Club of CPUSA held our club planning conference on February 24. The District Organizer opened with a short description of the international, national, and local situation. It is characterized by an historical upturn in political interest and participation. Turnout at Democratic Party candidates' rallies have been astounding. The basic reason is a thorough repudiation of President Bush and all his associated policies.

In the first round of discussion, all speakers agreed on the incredible upturn. It was added that the organized sector of the working class, unions, are also very much involved in the political frenzy. All agreed that there is an economic crisis at the root of the political contradictions that are creating so much interest in politics. One speaker asserted, without any direct contradiction, that there can be no resolution of the current crisis under capitalist conditions.

Comrades also pointed out that the corporate media "news services" are mis-representing what is happening. They basically credit the personalities of candidates with the upsurge. Their mis-use of the term "populist" every time they stumble over class contradictions is downright amusing. Several rounds of discussion were required to adequately describe the new political conditions in our own area.

Next, the club members took on the task of reviewing and criticizing our work during the previous year. The first comment made was, "We have a functioning Communist club, and that's the most important thing for the working class in our area." Almost all of the comments during the next several rounds were positive. Indeed, North Texas communists have been making excellent contributions toward progress. Comrades called for stronger efforts to act collectively, to be more help to one another, and to focus more clearly on key issues such as health care, immigrants/globalization issues, and ending wars of aggression.

The national party is doing an outstanding job of rationalizing our finances, and the North Texans are also doing well. National is also shifting its emphasis toward more effective mass communications. All of us were encouraged to participate in these changes. In general, the political upturn demands that North Texas comrades take more and more leadership roles and offer more analysis of what is to be done. Communists are unique in our understanding of capitalist crisis and what has to be done about it, and we owe it to the entire movement to share our understanding.

North Texas comrades were commended on their immersion in the political upsurge around the 2008 elections. Everyone was encouraged to participate and to bring clarity to political issues whenever possible. All told, the North Texas Communists had a very upbeat meeting. One comrade commented, "The cohesion in this room is startling!"

--Jim Lane

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