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Communists Make Plans

On January 8, North Texas communists held a conference to review the previous year and make some plans for 2005. The opening remarks went over some of the victories and defeats of the previous year. The present situation was characterized as not as bad as has been experienced at other points in American history, but the working class is being pressured on all fronts so that giant corporations can increase their profit margins.

The reporter recommended that activists focus better on working collectively.

In the long discussion period, several important points were made. The conduct of Texas public schools will be a major topic for the legislature. Street heat and lobbying efforts are important. Building the party is of paramount importance. The fight for basic democracy, especially in the Texas legislature, is critical. Local elections will be very important. Immigrants' democratic rights, particularly their right to get drivers' licenses, will be fought for. We must continue to fight for democratic rights of workers who want to organize.

The second half of the 4-hour conference took up organizational questions in North Texas. Collective action, the working class way of working, was stressed. We need to narrow our activities to those most important such as fighting war and globalization, keeping Social Security, and the rights of immigrants in Texas. Activists should try to support the progressive side in a number of other fights that can be anticipated.

Our forums should have more formal topics and presentations. We need a better meeting place. We need an outreach committee to help energize present members and seek new members. We should improve communications, especially with the party press. We need to raise more money. We should try to maximize the Texas delegation to the national CPUSA convention in mid-summer.