Houston Will March on Climate Change

See information below on the CPUSA support for the People's Climate March in NYC.  Below is the information from the Houston Progressive Calendar on the local Houston action in support:

Making Houston Hotter: An Irreverent People's Climate March

When: FridaySeptember 19 @ 3:00pm

Where: 901 Bagby St, Houston, Texas 77002 (Houston City Hall)

Details:  Concerned about global warming, extreme weather events and mass species extinction but don’t know what to do about it? Here’s a chance to show that despite the actions of a handful of large corporations, Houston cares about our collective future. In solidarity with the People’s Climate March in New York, join us to celebrate (and help inaugurate) the emergence of a new global movement around climate change with an irreverent march in downtown of The Energy Capital of the World (home of 5,000 energy companies) next Friday, September 19th, at 3:00. With drums, puppeteers, cyclists and oil-tarred hula hoopers, we’ll be parading from City Hall (by the reflecting pool) to the downtown HQ of an oil company to thank the government and fossil fuel corporations for delivering an endless Houston summer to the rest of the United States. We’ll conclude by marching right on down to happy hour at the Last Concert Cafe.

Please make plans to participate in the event.