Texans Urged to Battle Right-Wing

CPUSA leaders are encouraging Texans to get busy in opposing the redistricting power grab here. Here is contact information for Senator John Whitmire of Houston, who has broken ranks with the progressive Senators:

Whitmire's Austin office may be reached at (512)463-0115 in Austin or (713)864-8701 in Houston.

His e-mail is john.whitmire@senate.state.tx.us or you can e-mail him from this web page:

We are also encouraged to work against the passage of Proposition 12 in the September 13 constitutional amendment elections.


On September 4, I took part in two CPUSA conference calls of great concern to Texas activists. National leaders held a general discussion that morning, and Texans joined with the national elections expert during the evening. In both conferences, the situation in Texas was held to be of tremendous importance for all Americans.

The situation in electoral politics drew reports from New York, California, and Texas. The Texas report began with indications of a suffering economy. State unemployment rate is improving but still at 6.6% overall with wide variation across the state.

As for the Texas redistricting situation and the ten state Senators still in New Mexico, Congressman Frost was quoted as saying, "Other Congressmen tell me, Thank God for Texas. Thank God, that somewhere in this country, Democrats are ready to fight!"

The power-grab in Texas is likely to produce 5 more right-wing congresspersons in Washington and virtually insure right-wing control for the next several years, unless we do something. National and state leaders are urging all Texans to support the Albuquerque 10 and to encourage Senator John Whitmire of Houston to leave the state before Governor Perry calls another special session that will almost certainly pass a reactionary redistricting bill.

The Democrats in Albuquerque now have their own web site at this URL:

Proposition 12, the "stealth" proposal in the "stealth" election on September 13 was clearly designed to take away Texans' legal rights and favor corporations while not allowing Texas voters to even find out how their throats are being cut.

In all of the CPUSA teleconference reports, it was made clear that the right-wing power grab in Texas is only a small part of a general trend of extralegal and reactionary politics throughout America. While the situation in California draws the most attention from the commercial press, national CPUSA leaders such as Chairman Sam Webb indicated that the situation in Texas may have even more far-reaching effect.

On the good side, CPUSA leaders noted that progressive activists in Texas have clearly won the "hearts and minds" battle concerning both redistricting and Proposition 12. Texans who know about the right-wing maneuvers clearly oppose them. Even commercial newspaper editors overwhelmingly oppose them.

It is further noted that the September 13 election, as well as the November Mayor's race in Houston and other elections, give Texans a chance to develop progressive momentum as they go into the 2004 electoral battleground. CPUSA leaders agreed that the Texas arena merits increasing attention.

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