Texas Club Leaders Propose Convention

At the monthly teleconference, Texas club leaders made proposals for the state convention that will select our delegates to the national CPUSA convention in Chicago in July. We propose to meet 1-5 PM on April 13 in Austin.

To help pay the costs of the convention, national is assessing all members $10. Encourage all members to submit their convention assessments to Jim Lane by 3/15/14. They may use the Paypal feature at the front of this website.

We recommend broad participation in state convention, including guests invited by clubs. The public will not be invited. In case of a divided vote, we will follow the constitution on eligibility to vote.

Clubs are encouraged to bring their resolutions to the State Convention. If they pass at that level, they will go to the Resolutions Committee at the National Convention. One good resolution, we decided, is to ask for a national mobilization to oppose the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) convention in Dallas July 30-Aug1.

Our State Convention should elect our new state leadership body, not wait until after the national convention.

The national convention discussion is already available on cpusa.org. The Houston leadership is already working together on a contribution.

--Jim Lane