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North Texans Discuss the American Crisis

By Jim Lane

The North Texas Club of the Communist Party gathered on 4/27/08 in Dallas. As usual, we took the time to examine the broader political situation before working on immediate issues. We began by discussing the April 11 report to our National Committee, "New Times, New Opportunities," by Chairman Sam Webb. It is available to the public at . We had already read it, but we wanted to look at it from a North Texas view.

Several of the first comments had to do with ways that the ruling class and its "news" organs were attempting to divide our class. In Texas, it is most notable that they want to drive a wedge between Spanish speaking and African American workers. We cited several errors of sectarianism among groups and individuals in our own area. Sectarian errors, so-named because they are common to religious sects, are caused when people think that their abstract principles are more important than the actual situations and problems they face.

We agreed that the best thing to do was to keep up the dialogue with all the groups and to continue the struggle for unity. The racist situation in Farmers' Branch has made it difficult for progressive Texans to keep their eyes on the prize. The Clinton campaign for president and most of the corporate media has repeatedly claimed that "the workers" follow her, while Obama has "only" the African Americans. In point of fact, virtually all African Americans are workers. Furthermore, they tend to be the best organized and most class conscious workers.

We noted the tremendous upsurge among minority activists, and especially among younger activists. America urgently needs these new activists. Progressives must do all we can do to keep the upsurge going into, and through, the November elections. Voter registration efforts will be critical through the summer.

As Comrade Webb pointed out, a landslide victory over the ultra-rightists now controlling the American government is both necessary and possible. That seems to be true in our own local work as well as nationally. The general discussion led naturally into our own local efforts, and we agreed to ways that we can help promote voter registration efforts.

We also discussed ways to improve our newspaper distribution and subscription sales. Public discussions of political issues help a great deal.

After a hearty two hours, we took a break for dinner, then re-convened to participate in a national telephone conference on the current American economic crisis. The report is not yet printed. It pointed to the many aspects of crisis going on, such as: the food shortage, the incredible numbers of home foreclosures, strains on the dollar, and the effect of war and other foreign policy decisions.

The so-called "economic stimulus plan" is not expected to ease the crisis, particularly because the money is not directed toward the unemployed, who are the main victims of the crisis. Also, it just isn't enough - it isn't even as much as they spend every year on financing imperialist wars! The speaker said that the Democrats, facing a Bush veto of any progressive legislation, had settled for "the best they could get." He suggested that people consider donating their stimulus checks to the Communist Party, if they truly want to see the crisis end.

Capitalism offers no solution to the economic crisis, but it is impossible to predict how long the current strains can continue before something really serious breaks down. The speaker noted, however, that the American government cannot go on borrowing and creating more money forever.

As the telephone conference ended, North Texas comrades held a short discussion of how to best fight the gasoline prices. There are a number of good possibilities for public actions.

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