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Right-Wingers Say They Need No Rules

The people who tell us they are the champions of morals and ethics have decided that GOP leader Tom DeLay of Sugarland should not have to step aside from his powerful posts if he gets indicted for election fraud. It was too much, even, for the editors of the Dallas newspaper, who wrote that the House Republicans had adopted this "stepping aside" rule in 1993, "when they were trying to put the spotlight on Democrats' ethical lapses." Their opinion: "Having power doesn't mean you can abuse it. Regrettably, that's what congressional Republicans did yesterday when they changed an important party-rule -- apparently for the benefit of one man."

Even more to the point, Republican Legislator Kevin Brady was quoted "We're in an ugly world!"

Some of DeLay's collaborators have already been indicted in Travis County for their role in illegally funneling corporate money into Texas elections. The corporate money was allegedly used to make sure that the Texas legislature was sufficiently stacked so that they could redistrict Texas in such a way as to insure the defeat of opposition congresspersons in the 2004 elections. As far as anybody can tell, the scheme worked, and the Texas delegation to Congress in 2005 will be a majority Republican delegation.

Nobody is saying anything about changing any of those election results, even if high-level perpetrators of election fraud go to jail.

As a rule, states do not redistrict except immediately after the U.S. Census is taken, but that was just another rule thrown out. During the redistricting fight of 2003, the Texas Senate suspended long-standing rules to make sure their will was imposed. Top spokespersons of the U.S. Congress today are saying that they will suspend the rules that allow a minority to fillibuster in the Senate. The U.S. Attorney General is saying that judges have no right to question decisions made by the President!

"Rules? Rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules!"