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Students Enlist in Social Security Fight

By Denton worker correspondent

DENTON,TX - "It is very clear that in a capitalist society, the wealthy are going to do better than the poor - but we can't let them forget about us!" said Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson at a town hall meeting on the Texas Women's University (TWU) campus on April 11.

The meeting, called by the NAACP, focused on how the Bush administration plans to privatize Social Security will affect young people. It drew over 70 people, the large majority of whom were young working class students and workers. The evening began with a panel discussion that included the Congresswoman, Dallas NAACP chair Bob Lydia, AARP representative Bob Alexander, and TWU-NAACP chapter president Veronica Turner.

The panel took turns explaining various aspects of the struggle. Bob Lydia pointed out that Social Security is not simply for the elderly. He told this young correspondent, "There are millions of young people on Social Security currently, either because they are disabled, or because they were orphaned. But you don't hear Bush mentioning that."

All the panelists agreed that Bush has manufactured a crisis. Despite the administration's lies and propaganda, Social Security is financially solvent for the foreseeable future.

Veronica Turner cautioned the youth in the audience to think twice about Bush's statements that privatizing Social Security will give young people control over their money. She described Bush's plans to gamble our retirement in the stock market as "one foot in cold water, the other in hot water -- something is going to get burned."

In her summation, Congresswoman Johnson noted that in Texas, a state of ever-present racial tensions, we have a special duty to fight for unity. "Working people and poor, regardless of color, have to stick together if we're going to win this battle."

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