Broad Discussion Has Begun

On January 21, Communists and activists across the nation kicked off a historical period of discussion that leads up to the National CPUSA convention May 21 in New York. Party Chairman Sam Webb gave introductory remarks that were "streamed" with video and audio all across the world. Participants were then allowed to make comments and ask questions.

The scenario will be repeated several times during the four-month preconvention discussion period. The goal is to get the broadest assessment of past and current situations in order to develop the best possible program to guide future work. At the convention, programs will be voted on by the delegates and then become the Communist Party's guide to action in the next period.

Because CPUSA wants the broadest possible discussion, every form of new technology will be used to reach more people. There will be physical meetings and written papers, as in days of old, but there will also be phone conferences, texting, twitter, e-mail, comment boards, chat rooms, and webinars.

Every American will have the opportunity to make their views known or to ask questions. It's time for our best thinking, for we are faced with a terrible challenge. Please get involved!