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Texans Attend Editorial Board

Communists like to take a collective long-view assessment of developments whenever they can. Texans took part in an Editorial Board meeting with the professional editors of the People's Weekly World and numbers of worker correspondents from around the nation. The terrific job being done by worker correspondents from Texas was noted several times.

Participants also expressed pride in other recent improvements in the newspapers' information and presentation.

Suggestions were made as to how desperately-needed information can reach America's working class. Presently, the PWW is the backbone of the communications program, but several speakers talked about putting more emphasis on electronic means. As with most things, the problem would be a lot less onerous if there were more money available. Supporters of honest information from all over the nation are raising money during the People's Weekly World annual fund drive.

Texans are setting up meetings and planning outreach. A national letter that includes a return envelop is going out right away. Please hit "feedback" if you didn't get one but want to help.


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