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Hot Elections Coming Up!

Texans have to be properly registered 30 days before they expect to vote. If you have moved or neglected to vote for some time, it is necessary to get a new registration card and send it in. The newest cards are available free from the Texas Secretary of State's web site: It takes a day to get one, so hurry!

The new cards have a pocket for people to put identification information, but it is not totally necessary. Those who do not send any identification with their card will still be registered; they will be required to show drivers' license or other I.D. the next time they vote.

Fill it out and send to your County Courthouse. You'll need the zip code, but it's probably on the S.O.S. site, too.

People who live in Austin are in the middle of a hot campaign now. Those who live in the Southwestern corner of Dallas County, State Rep District 106, have a special election scheduled for February 28. They will replace the Republican Representative who suddenly resigned last week. This one smells like a maneuver, as the winner will still have to go through the primaries and November elections. However, he or she will be seated when the special session on school finance takes place, if it ever does.

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