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Election Results will Make 2006 Even More Interesting

On election day, Texas became the 18th state suckered in by the right-wing divisive ruse of placing anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendments on ballots. Despite low turnout, the bigot vote prevailed by 3 to 1 for the time being, but new alliances were formed that may spell trouble for reactionaries in future elections.

As gay marriage was already illegal in Texas, most observers were aware that major manipulation was underway.

The most outstanding development of the race was the 2/3 endorsement by the Executive Board of the Texas Federation of Labor. In past elections in Texas and almost everywhere, labor organizations could be expected to duck the controversial "moralistic" issues, but that is no longer true in Texas. Another downside for the reactionaries was the way they showed their ignorance in writing the legislation. Grammatically, it prohibits the recognition of "anything identical to marriage." Marriage itself, therefore, was made illegal on election day! Most of the state's commercial newspapers, who are very sensitive to the state's reputation, endorsed a "no" vote. Progressives expect to make legal challenges to the amendment.

The Texas AFL-CIO and the fiery Houston Labor Council won a big partial victory in a special election for State Representative. Their endorsed candidate, Ana Hernandez, took 42.5% of the vote in a 6-way race and goes into the runoff as an easy favorite.

The City of Dallas was divided over a proposition that would have changed the structure of city government by apportioning more authority to Mayor Laura Miller. The proposal failed in a relatively close vote, but those who manipulated the electorate have set up a very interesting situation for next year. Last May, most of the City Councilmen opposed a "strong mayor" proposal on technical grounds and offered to write a much better one for November, which they did. Over the mayor's objection, they also doubled her salary in the proposal, which was almost certain to torpedo it. They went further during the election when it began to appear that the proposal might pass: some of them campaigned against their own proposal! It now appears that the trickster council members and most of the powers-that-be are united in trying to bring down the mayor next year.

--Submitted to People's Weekly World to be included in a "roundup" article


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