Fallout Continues from 2010 Election

The blessings just keep coming for anti-worker rich people in Texas. Their small investment in the 2010 elections has already netted them some very favorable publicity and an additional four U.S. Representatives in Congress. It's actually even better than that (for them) when the underlying reasons are analyzed.

Non-voters donate more power to the wealthy

Texas' big gain in the 2010 census came mostly from the surging Latino population. It's true that, when Latinos vote, they tend to vote Democratic, but it's also true that an awful lot of them don't vote in the main elections. In the Valley, where Latino votes really count, the Democratic primaries are the main thing. Many people don't even vote in the general elections. In voter turnout, Texas was tied for second-from-last in 2010!

So, the extra four Congresspersons actually tend to increase the Congressional clout of the ones who voted. The wealthiest Texans, and the unfortunate idealists who vote with them, won the election and got a much tighter grip on the federal government. There's a distinct parallel with the early days of the republic, when southern slaveowners were represented in Congress not only by their own population, but by 3 of every 5 slaves counted by the census! Small wonder that they dominated the federal government until they started the civil war!

Anti-worker forces shower themselves with good publicity

The big-money individuals and corporations could not have asked for better publicity than they received December 26th when the Dallas Morning News, one of the most influential newspapers in the state's history, devoted a full-page-and-then-some to their "Texan of the Year," Governor Perry.

They went on and on about his good looks, his charming behavior, and his "keen political instincts" as the reasons for his triumphant re-election in 2010. Nowhere did they even mention the $40 million that his rich puppetmasters used to buy the election for him!

Big money and control of the news media are important weapons being used against us in the class struggle.

--Jim Lane