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Battles Heating Up

March 19, the 2nd anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, will see protests all over the nation. North Texans will head to Trinity Park & 7th Street in Ft Worth at noon for ours. Dockworkers will shut down cargo ports so that union members can attend demonstrations in Northern California. Unions are continuing to join the movements for peace and justice.

Texas peace activists are also planning activities in Crawford and Waco when President Bush comes there March 23. A major issue will be fair trade policies because more corporate-sponsored imperialist policies are being pushed in Mexico and Central America. Guatemalan protestors have recently died for their right to stand up for economic justice.

The AFL-CIO is calling public actions on March 31 all over the nation in connection with the fight to save Social Security from the Bush Administration's privatization schemes.

Progressive Texans and other Americans are responding to their growing awareness of the crisis in democracy and the economy. Hopefully, our response will be adequate and in time to stop real disasters.

--Jim Lane

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