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Texas PWW Fund Drive Nearly Complete?

Word comes from national that Texas is only $360 short of our goal as we move into the final week of the People's Weekly World annual drive. Contributors tell us that there is more money in the pipeline. Editor Terrie Albano says that the national drive is also going well and that there is no plan to extend the drive past January 1.

Activists who want to see the Texas Communist Party meet and exceed our fund raising goal can still send checks made out to "PWW" to Box 226147, Dallas TX 75222 or to PWW at 235 W 23rd Street, NYNY 10011. Paypal is still an option on

Texas volunteer correspondents continue to fill the pages of the paper with news from this very important political state. The Steelworkres' strike against Goodyear Tire & Rubber continues to be the most important news event for workers, and the plant in Tyler continues to be its most important center.

Raids and political actions against undocumented workers, also extremely evident in Texas, make up a tremendous challenge to the working class and its allies. Texas really matters!

-- Jim Lane

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