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Dues, Finances, Contributions Needed

North Texas activists reviewed a number of communications from National CPUSA after our April 9 forum. They are sending out new membership cards. This coincides with a recent survey showing that a lot of Texas' at-large members, and some of the big-city club members, are behind on dues. Because dues were lowered to only $1/month for everybody, some have apparently decided it's not worth the trouble. But actually, financial support for our movement is a critical component of membership.

People can send dues or contributions to 235 W 23rd Street, NYNY 10011, or they can send them to our Dallas financial guy at Box 226147, Dallas Tx 75222. They can also use pay-pal on

National CPUSA has launched the annual fund drive. Far-flung Texas has a hard time getting pledges and collecting them, so volunteer contributions are especially important. We have until July 4 to raise several hundred dollars to make our goal. At the same time, Political Affairs is starting a new subscription drive.

International Workers Day, May 1, is upon us. In Texas, we celebrate the Mexican holiday, cinco de mayo, in the same time period. The People's Weekly World has asked us to buy greeting ads for a special section of the newspaper. The North Texas group agreed to buy a $100 ad. The smallest one is $50. We also proposed holding a party evening of May 1.

Election policies are the most talked about, most important, and least understood aspect of political work in America. National CPUSA is putting out a clear exposition of our policy. The North Texas group discussed elections and put a summary in our theory section.