CP-Texas Holds Convention, Starts Fundraising

The Texas District of CPUSA held its convention in Austin on April 19. We elected 13 delegates and 4 alternates to the national convention in Chicago. That's the good news. The bad news is that we need to get them there. Several of the delegates volunteered to pay all their own expenses, but that leaves us several more with major financial needs.

We are paying $200 for every delegate. That covers housing, but we are also responsible for travel costs. We voted to spend every cent that the district has raised up to now, but that leaves us about $2,000 short. People who live in the Houston area have already started asking for $50 from each individual, and that seems like a good rule of thumb.

Instructions for sending money to the Texas district are on our home page. There's an easy Paypal option. Those using the "dues" option can send any multiple of $5 by clicking "add to cart" when the initial figure is set to $5. Then change the units from "1" to any other number to send multiples of $5. For example, one comrade changed the units to "80" and sent $400 all at once. Please do what you can!

Follow the convention discussion

Texans are continuing to send in new documents for publication in the convention discussion at cpusa.org. At our convention, we passed resolutions on fair treatment of all comrades and the importance of women's rights unanimously. By majority vote, we rejected a resolution supporting the proposed constitution on cpusa.org and supported a resolution opposing the ideological changes within the proposed constitution.

We also set up our district governance/coordination body. The two national leaders attending our state convention indicated that they were impressed with the richness of our discussion but wished we had more time available to discuss exclusively Texas issues.

If we are able to get our full delegation to the Chicago convention, Texas will be well represented as the national program is set.

--Jim Lane