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Join the Fort Worth Protests!

A Fort Worth activist sent this account of one of the weekly anti-war protets that take place at the Halliburton Office downtown at 4 PM each Wednesday. Everybody is invited.

The pulse in the heart of downtown Fort Worth fibrillates, then
regulates, then stronger, harmoniously, in the incredible day in front
of the Halliburton office on this pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday.

The weather, most marvelous, resonated to the magic of a strong presence
of solidarity with passersby (except an occasional objector who says
she/he "agrees" with war). The constant chanting from musical composer
Kyle, stated our position: Peace, and freedom from greed and
violence. Our large sign, Peace on Earth, and No Blood for Oil,
seemed to prompt more honks than usual from heavy Thanksgiving traffic.

Dusk came and the presence seemed stronger. Policemen in two cars
stopped, I thought to harass us, but only waved. Ramsey's very large
sign, "Corporate Occupation is not Liberation", powerful, with our
chants. Tony's interspersed chant, "Jesus would honk". Nay Nay, eight
year old daughter of Krista, held a sign that said, "War is not healthy
for children", and passed out literature.

I didn't think I had time to go.

Actually, it turns out I didn't have time to miss it.

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