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Health Care Demands Attention

Health care needs are forcing their way to the top of the American consciousness. In Dallas, a family attended the film "Sicko" together. That evening, they decided they had to do something, so they put up a web site: It drew 1,000 hits by the next day. Then the family decided to call a rally downtown, which took place at 11 AM on Sunday, August 5.

Two of the speakers were from unions, and two other unions were represented in the small audience. Even though there was very light traffic, a number of automobile drivers honked their approval. Participants agreed to meet again to plan further activities. Meanwhile, the California Nurses Association has begun a national organization that is organizing in Texas. The National Nurses Organizing Committee,, is making friends throughout the state as they take the lead in the fight for health care reform. They were instrumental in getting the Texas AFL-CIO to endorse House Resolution 676, which would provide universal, single-payer health care for all Americans by enlarging the scope of Medicare.

Paul Hill delivers a thoughtful opinion on the health care crisis in New Orleans in our "Opinions" section.

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