Headlines in Texas

Walmart Workers and Supporters Demand Re-hiring 6/2/15

Texans Exhale as Legislature Ends 6/1/15

"Unity of the Left" Sounds a Lot Better Than It Is 5/8/15

Documentary Film Being Shown in Texas Sharpens the Fight for Democracy 3/5/15

More Action Coming 3/3/15

Lots of Action in Texas 2/24/15

Texans Keep Contributing Are Corporations People? Marriage Equality in Texas Racism in Texas History Lead Belly Records 2/24/15

Get Active, Texas! 2/3/15

Houston Progressive Calendar Schedules More Events 10/30/14

Turnout is Progressives' Hope in Texas Elections 10/29/14

Jane Elkins, Texas' First Feminist, Honored at Last 10/29/14

San Antonio Hosts Meeting 10/11/14

More Houston Actions 9/30/14

Film "Wetlands" Made Me Shudder 9/15/14

Houston Will March on Climate Change 9/15/14

Lots of Activities Scheduled 8/20/14

Associated Press Reveals U.S. Anti-Cuba Subversion 8/4/14

Dallas Rallies Against ALEC 8/2/14

Houston Schedules Activities 8/2/14

Dallas Opts to Take 2,000 Immigrant Children from Border Shelters 7/2/14

Texas Democrats "Light Years" from Republicans 7/1/14

Primary Election Results Show Right Wing Power 5/28/14

Texas Author Kelly Sinclair's New Book Reviewed 5/24/14

Can Public Education be Bought? 5/20/14

District Convention Held, Bigtime Fundraising Necessary 4/24/14

Texans Stand Up for Women's Rights 4/24/14

Labor's Role is Critical 4/24/14

Texans Take Part in National Discussion 4/12/14

Communists are Discussing Everything -- Including Spatulas 4/5/14

MoveOn Texas to Target A.L.E.C. Convention in Dallas 3/16/14

Dallas Under Siege by Rightwingers 3/14/14

Communist Party of Texas Convention Proposed 2/27/14

Chairman Sam Webb Toured Texas 2/27/14

Houston to Protest Coup in Ukraine 2/27/14

Organize the South!

Another Black Victim Found in Jasper 2/21/14

Sam Webb in Texas, John Stanford Celebrated, and Convention Time is Just Around the Corner 2/19/14

Austin to Host Legendary Fighter Bea Lumpkin 11/27/13

Walmart Workers Hit the Bricks in Dallas 11/24/13

Supreme Court Slaps Texas Women! 11/20/13

Texas Republicans Accuse Each Other for Wendy Davis' Rise! 11/18/13

What's the Real Record on JFK and Assassination? 11/17/13

Texas Voter Suppression Law Gets Court Date 11/16/13

Republicans Blame Each Other for Wendy Davis' Popularity 11/14/13

Wendy Davis Files Officially for Governor of Texas 11/13/13

"Dallas Buyers Club" Reviewed 11/13/13

North Texans Study Democracy and Elections 11/7/13

Women's Rights Set Back by Texas Court 11/5/13

Don't Sit Down, There's a Lot to Do! 11/2/13

Congressional Craziness Only Makes Sense in Class Terms 10/7/13

Dallas Hosts 1 of 150 Actions for Immigration Reform 10/7/13

Texas Braces for Stormy 2014 Elections 10/7/13

Texas Water: Public or Private? 8/29/13

Study Analyzes Upcoming Latino Vote 8/5/13

Labor Day Celebrated All Over Texas 8/1/13

Women's Rights Defended in Texas 7/30/13

Cop Show "The Bridge" Shows Texas/Mexico Divide 7/28/13

Federal Government Will Try for Voting Rights in Texas 7/27/13

Houston (and America) Needs a Raise! 7/12/13

Texans Stand With Women 7/12/13

Houston Band Noted Nationally for Immigration Stand 7/12/13

Movie "The East" Has Lessons on Ultra-Leftism 7/10/13

Dallas Rallies for Democracy 7/8/13

Texas Women's Power Ignites Progressives 7/3/13

A Song of Immigrant Youth, from Houston 6/6/13

Walmart Strikers Get Big Sendoff 6/5/13

Houston Protests Monsanto 6/3/13

Monstanto Protest Planned 5/16/13

Will Texas Turn Blue? 5/14/13

Texas Celebrated May 1 and 5 /5/13

Texas Writers Needed! 4/26/3

Republican "Time Magazine" Notes Class Struggle Today 4/7/13

Postal Workers Rally to Save Saturday Delivery 3/25/13

Film Shows How to Say "NO" to Fascism 3/23/13

Too Many Actions? Do What You Can! 3/12/13

School Workers Rally to Save Texas Schools 3/12/13

Immigration Reform is Picking Up Steam 3/12/13

National CPUSA Leader: "I love Texas!" 2/25/13

Statewide Organizing Meeting Set for Feb 24 1/30/13

Texas Get Monthly Update and Make Plans On-Line 11/26/12

On-Line Discussion Held on Elections and the Way Forward 11/10/12

Election Changed Texas 11/7/12

Storms Bring Down cpusa.org, politicalaffairs.net, and peoplesworld.org. Work continues. 11/4/12

Early Voting Moves Ahead in Texas -- Houston Sets a Record 10/23/12

WalMart Hit with Strikes in Dallas & Other Cities 10/8/12

"The Master" is a Profound Film 9/29/12

WalMart Workers March in Dallas 9/23/12


Marine's Dad Deported Right After Afghanistan Deployment 9/18/12

Celebrate Labor Day and Make It Even Better 8/31/12

Who's Afraid of the Texas Highway Patrol Museum? 8/31/12

Houston Janitors Take a Victory 8/2/12

Big Money Wins Texas Primary Elections 8/1/12

Dallas Area Has a Monument to Fallen Immigrants 7/23/12

Hollywood Hoakum Conquers All 7/23/12

Governor's Health Care Stand: Dumb but Not Crazy 7/22/12

Welcome New Texas Clubs 7/22/12

San Antonio Fight is Part of Worldwide Fightback 6/30/12

North Texans Assess International, National, and Local Situations 6/26/12

Houston Janitors On Strike! Help Needed! 6/26/12

Federal Judge Rules Against American Airline Employees 6/21/12

Young Communists Push for Jobs on Juneteenth 6/19/12

Low Turnout in Primary Election Benefits Party Loyalists 6/3/12

Young Communists Honor Solider Who Exposed War Crimes 5/31/12

Killeen Stands Up for Soldiers 5/28/12

What Can We Learn from Elections in U.S. and Egypt? 5/27/12

Walmart Workers Find Friends and Solidarity 5/27/12

Construction Workers Strike at Hospital Site in Dallas 5/27/12

Young Communists Meet in Lufkin 5/27/12

How does a New Texas Member Feel? 5/26/12

A Lot is Happening in the Texas Labor Movement 5/23/12

Texan Reports from National Conference 5/23/12

Can Communists Stop the Youth Obesity Epidemic? 5/22/12

Slavery is Hard to Look at, but Important 5/22/12

Book Review: HIstory of Civil Rights 5/22/12

Is Voting a Trivial Pursuit? 5/22/12

Book Review: How Does American History Look to Native Americans? 4/26/12

Lufkin Young Communists March for Justice 4/24/12

Occupy Movement May Protest for "Fair Trade, Not Free Trade!" 4/8/12

Christians Offer Contrasting Actions on Good Friday 4/8/12

Struggle Intensifies -- Worldwide and in Texas 4/5/12

Book Review: "Solidarity Forever -- History of IWW" 3/24/12

Young Communist League Makes Youth Tour Here 3/23/12

Texas Youth Makes a Statement 3/22/12

Texas Women Protest. Who Wouldn't? 3/11/12

Needed: Positive Communist Slogans! 2/27/12

Election Policies -- What Can We Learn From the Weimar Republic? 2/16/12

American Airlines Employees and Friends Protest! 2/14/12

Dallas Marches Against Home Foreclosures 2/5/12

Texans Will Fight Voter Suppression 2/1/12

Comrades Create New Educational Video 2/1/12

Arguments Continue Over Election Policies 1/14/12

Progress Made on "Election Policies" Inquiry 1/9/12

"Rape of Nanking" Dramatized in Film 12/29/11

Rich Get Richer, Also Get Congress 12/27/11

"War Horse" is a Good Movie 12/27/11

Let's Study Different Election Policies! 12/23/11

How Do the Capitalists View the Economy and What Do They Want to Do About It? 12/15/11

Would You Join an Inquiry into Capitalist Culture? 12/7/11

Scientific Socialists Ask for Participation in Study of How to Increase Effectiveness 12/6/11

Non-Violent Recipe Credited with Middle East Uprising Successes 12/6/11

National CPUSA Takes a Stand Against Phoney Left in Texas 11/28/11

Movie Lovers and History Buffs May Like "J. Edgar." 11/11/11

Lots of action continuing 11/7/11

Nov 5 Had a Lot of Lessons for Dallas Protesters 11/6/11

Film Review: Was the Nazi Lesson Learned? 10/31/11

What Do We Do Next? 10/29/11

Occupation Forces Grow, Locally and Internationally 10/15/11

Oklahoma Communists Launch New Web Site 10/9/11

Texas Cities are Under Occupation! 10/8/11

The New Flurry of Activities Makes Sense 10/1/11

Protesters Defend Dallas County Commissioner 9/16/11

Jobs Vigil Protests Inaction 9/2/11

Oklahoma Laborfest Was Stunning! 8/30/11

Union Culture and Radical History Will be Features of Oklahoma Laborfest 8/23/11

Learning About Rick Perry 8/18/11

Two Movies About the Holocaust 8/16/11

Dallas Demo Demands Jobs 8/10/11

Jobs with Justice Needed 8/8/11

Red School Bus Tour Stops in Texas 8/5/11

Highland Park Country Club Has a Problem (Boo Hoo!) 8/3/11

Protests Hit "Debt Bill!" 8/2/11

Texas Board of Education Does Something Proper! 8/2/11

Young Texans Sharpen Their Skills 8/1/11

Study the Lies in Your Daily News 7/28/11

Texans Advance Union Culture 7/27/11

Employers Cheat Tax Man (And Us)! 7/25/11

"Amigo" Has Historical Lessons 7/23/11

Use Marxism to Understand the News 7/22/11

Texans Promoting Union Songs & Art 7/21/11

Hurst Union Demands Justice 7/21/11

California Immigrant Movie Could have been Made in Texas 7/20/11

Rick Perry Believes, but do Christians Believe in Him? 7/20/11

Reuther Labor History Story Getting an Update 7/20/11

"American Dream" Meetings Held 7/17/11

Texas Executes Mexican Despite International Treaties 7/10/11

Labor Stats Get Even Worse, Dallas Continues Monthly Vigils 7/9/11

Texas Legislature Goes Home (Finally) 6/30/11

"Speakout For Jobs" Tour Coming to Houston 6/23/11

Texas Labor Holds Convention in Irving 6/15/11

Activists Oppose Unemployment on "First Friday" 6/6/11

Texas Communist Muses on Jobs and Crime 6/3/11

Unions Gain Free Speech Ruling 6/1/11

Texas "Best for Business" -- Worst for People! 5/14/11

Victory Day Barely Celebrated Here, But Big Abroad 5/10/11

\Unemployment Statistics Evaluated from Workers Point of View 5/8/11

Texan Video-Reports from CPUSA Conference 1st Annual CPUSA Conference Report Part 1 1st Annual CPUSA Conference Report Part 2

Mayday Regains Status in Texas and America 5/1/11

Certainties: Death and Texas 4/28/11

Tax Day Rallies Clarify the Class Struggle for Americans 4/15/11

Statewide Coalition Rallies in Austin April 6 4/7/11

Texans are Joining National Protests 4/4/11

Save Our Schools and Salvemos Nuestras Escuelas! 3/24/11

Activist Group Lists Many Street Actions Leading Up to Statewide Demonstration on April 6th 3/20/11

Texas Demonstrates to Save Education 3/15/11

Dallas Demonstrates for Teachers and Public Workers 2/27/11

Solidarity with Wisconsin Right here in Austin! 2/24/11

Dallas, Like Rest of World, Demonstrates Solidarity with Egyptians 2/7/11

Sign Petition to Free the Five Cuban Prisoners! 1/20/11

Texas Legislature May Get Rough on Workers 1/4/11

On-Line Marxist Education Greatly Needed 1/1/11

Anti-worker Texas Still Getting Blessings from their Election Investment 12/26/10

San Antonio Fasts for the Dream Act 11/23/10

Louisville Needs a Few Good Reds 11/15/10

Tour Succeeds in Tennessee 11/14/10

Texas Students Demand Dream Act 11/12/10

Southern Organizing Tour Hits Arkansas 11/11/10

Oklahoma OK's Attack on Health Care 11/9/10

CPUSA Southern Organizing Tour Launching from Dallas 11/9/10

Texas Election Results Aren't Funny 11/3/10

Riverwalk Workers List Demands 11/1/10

Texas Wraps Up Early Voting 10/30/10

"Hands Off the Texas Teachers Retirement System!" 10/25/10

San Antonio Fired Up at Political Meeting 10/24/10

Texans Kick Off Early Voting 10/18/10

Inquiry on "Youth" begun 10/15/10

Chavez-Thompson Campaign Important In Texas 10/10/10

How Will the One Nation March on October 2 Affect Progressive Politics in Texas? 10/7/10

JEERS to Voices of Hate and Fear 10/2/10

Texas Board of Education Shows Anti-Muslim Prejudice 10/1/10

San Antonio Fights "Pay to Protest" Ruling 9/22/10

Mentally Ill Threatened in Texas 9/20/10

CHEERS to candy! 9/19/10

Dallas Rally Part of National Jobs Emergency Day 9/16/10

JEERS to Fat Assets, CHEERS to Actions on Jobs Crisis 8/28/10

Little Things Add Up in Texas Elections 8/19/10

BP Admits Guilt in Texas City Safety Violations 8/14/10

Texas Governor Race Gets More Complicated 8/13/10

Texas-Based Movie "Killer Inside Me" Slams Us in the Gut! 8/8/10

Dallas Budget Crisis Generating Dialogue 8/7/10

Nazis on Arizona Border 7/21/10

Dallas Sanitation Workers Fight for a Living Wage 7/17/10

San Antonio Progressive Center Machine-Gunned 7/16/10

Cuba Caravan Is Big in Texas 7/16/10

More Cheers and Jeers 7/16/10

San Antonio La Raza Conference Opposes Arizona Law 7/15/10

"The Girl Who Played with Fire" is tough and mean 7/12/10

CHEERS for our side! 7/12/10

Jobs Crisis Exposed in Dallas News Conference 7/4/10

Dallas Activists Saying "Out of Afghanistan" 7/2/10

"MicMacs" a Good French Film 7/2/10

Chavez-Thompson Energizes Texas Labor 6/28/10

San Antonio Says "No" to Arizona Law 6/28/10

Texas Democrats Convene in Corpus Christi 6/27/10

"No More!" say Dallas Poor 6/24/10

Volunteer Worker Correspondents Sought 6/21/10

"Ondine" a Pretty Good Irish Movie 6/21/10

Texas $18 Billion in Hole, but Governor Lives Luxury Life 6/13/10

Dallas Activists Hear Christian Leader 6/12/10

Texas Nurses Vote Union! 6/9/10

Texas GOP Gets Weirder 6/9/10

Movie Reviews: Girl with dragon tattoo and the secret in their eyes 6/9/10

Celebrating Marx's Birthday 6/2/10

Texas Labor Isn't Waiting for November 6/2/10

San Antonio Activists March in Arizona 6/2/10

Dallas Holds Wind-Power Convention 5/29/10

Victory for Materialists: Copernicus Re-Evaluated 5/29/10

What Would Lenin Say About High-Tech Information Systems? 5/29/10

Texas School Board Bans "Capitalism" 5/27/10

Marx' Birthday Commemorated in London 5/25/10

News Briefs 5/15/10

News Briefs 5/6/10

News Briefs 5/4/10

Texans March Against Arizona Law 5/4/10

Life's Lessons Learned at San Antonio Bus Stop 5/4/10

Texas Could Become Top Cuba Trade Partner 5/2/10

Nationalize British Petroleum! 5/1/10

Texans Writes a Good Book on Day Laborers 4/27/10

Dallas Activists Picket a Bank on Tax Day 4/16/10

Labor Supports "Miller" Jobs Bill 4/13/10

Houston Hospital Closes During Health Care Fight 3/22/10

UT Tuition May Rise 3/9/10

Professors Investigate the "Texas Left" 3/5/10

Texas Supreme Court Allows Delays on Information Requests 3/2/10

Tiny Dallas Radio Station Carries Real News 3/1/10

Community Leaders Look at Jobs Crisis 2/27/10

West Texas Nurse Wins Important Court Case 2/26/10

"Labor's Own" Running for Lt Governor 2/25/10

San Antonio Stands Up to Far Right 2/24/10

North Texans Call for Government Action on Jobs 2/8/10

Texas Labor Discusses Jobs and 2010 Politics 2/7/10

Dallas Re-Lives Its Black History 2/2/10

Houston Man Looks at Cuban Health Care 2/1/10

Broad Discussion Has Begun 1/22/10

Pull Together for Immigrant Rights 1/21/10

Houston Inaugurates Mayor 1/5/10

Dallas ACORN Is Gone 12/24/09

North Texans Celebrate Day of Immigrants 12/20/09

Irving, Texas, Students Have no Representation 12/18/09

Houston Elects Openly Gay Mayor 12/14/09

Communist Leader Helps with Education in Texas 12/12/09

Houston Man Sees Venezuela 12/5/09

Honduran Travesty Denounced in Houston 11/30/09

Houston Justice Bus Rolls 11/20/09

Texans Rally Under Slogan, "Health Care Can't Wait!" 11/15/09

Activists Thank Congresswoman for Health Care Reform Vote 11/13/09

Everyone to Austin for November 14 health care rally! 11/06/09

Capitalist Mis-Use Immigration Law on Dallas Bridge Project 11/6/09

Join in Statewide Rally for Health Care Reform 10/27/09

Art Exhibit asks, "Who is Light Skinned? Who is Better?" 10/15/09

Houston Marches for Justice for Janitors 10/12/09

North Texans Turn Out to Greet Health Care Reform Bus Tour 9/14/09

North Texas Religious Leaders Join Fight for Health Care and Worker Justice 9/13/09

Texas Crazies Try to Supress President Obama and State Textbooks 9/9/09

San Antonio Hotel Workers Fight to Organize 9/7/09

Houston Has 2,000 at Health Care Rally 9/4/09

Houston Ranks Low on Health Care 8/30/09

Houstonians March for Democracy in Honduras 8/29/09

Texas Turning Corner for Health Care Reform 8/17/09

Movie Review: District 9 8/16/09

Denton Astroturfers Hold Pep Rally 8/14/09

Film Review: "In the Loop" 8/1/09

A "Re-Review" of an Old Film: "Roger and Me" 8/1/09

North Texans Note Increased Pace of Political Developments 7/27/09

Grass Roots Campaign for Health Care Launched 7/25/09

Recession related suicides skyrocket in Houston 7/20/09

Houstonians rally to support health care reform 7/20/09

Unemployment Offices Break Down 7/15/09

Texas Toll Road Pieces Fit into Privatization Puzzle 7/6/09

Seniors Meet in DC During Health Care Crisis 6/16/09

Texas Workers Die on the Job 6/13/09

Houston Marches for Worker Justice 6/6/09

Wal-Mart is Organizing in Texas! 6/3/09

Texas Legislature Not As Embarrassing As Usual 6/2/09

Dallas Participates in National Fight for Employee Free Choice 5/29/09

Palestinian Supporters Draw Harsh Sentences in Dallas 5/27/09

Marx Makes Dallas Newspaper! 5/18/09

Local Elections Are Worth Analyzing 5/10/09

Psychologists Reject Bush Torture Policies 5/10/09

OneTime Communist Life Explored 4/26/09

Cuba and Galveston Confer 4/24/09

It's a Hot Time for Discussions 3/5/09

Houston Art Exhibits Iraqi Oppression 3/3/09

International Investment Fraud Charged in Houston 2/24/09

Oil Workers Are Scoring a New Contract 2/6/09

What Can We Learn From Recent Developments? 02/4/09

Fort Worth Sanitation Workers Stand Strong 1/16/09

Tyrant Falls in Texas House 1/7/09

Texans Must Fight for Better Health Care 1/7/09

Privatizers Poked 1/6/09