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By Paul Hill

HOUSTON - About 200 protesters greeted Tom DeLay during his keynote address to the NRA convention in Houston on April 16. They were loud and held signs and chanted slogans for about two hours. People carried signs which read "Put the Hammer in the Slammer," "Don't DeLay, indict today," "Fight Corruption; Dump DeLay," "2 4 6 8 who do we want to incarcerate?" "What do we want? Indictments. When do we want them? NOW!" One of DeLay's constituents held a sign which read "The Constitution is not a cockroach." DeLay owns a pest control company and is an exterminator by profession. According to one account, Houston Police were forced to intervene to stop the disorderly behavior of DeLay fans. This person also indicated that many NRA conventioneers supported the protesters.
The San Francisco Chronicle quoted one protester, a constituent of DeLay, as saying "I'm not against the NRA, but DeLay is bankrupt - morally and ethically. We need to take our district back." The Houston Chronicle quoted another DeLay constituent who said "Every time you turn around, there's something questionable about his behavior."
Protesters were from Houston, Fort Bend county, Clear Lake and Conroe.
It was a great event for anti-monopoly forces, but yet another embarrassment for DeLay. Many are asking "How long will Bush and gang shield their poster boy?"


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