Hail the New Texas Communist Clubs!

Although tremendous ideological confusion is being generated by the tumultuous national and international upsurge protest, thinking people are finding their way to the Communist Party because of its commitment to the long and short term interests of the working class. It is easy to think of "short cuts" now while capitalism is in crisis and technology is radically changing, but the fundamental truth remains: Only the working class can overcome capitalism.

Congratulations to the new and older members forming responsible clubs in Austin and Houston. Austin has a Facebook Page, while Houston has both Facebook Page and Website

The old confusion about who represents the Party in Houston has been further clarified by top CPUSA leadership. They sent this letter to the new Houston Club.

Dear comrades,

The Communist Party USA welcomes the establishment of the new Communist Party of Houston club and the unifying spirit, commitment and enthusiasm of its membership. We recognize the new club as the sole representative of the CPUSA in Houston presently.

The new club will make an outstanding contribution to democratic struggles in Houston and Texas, striving for broad unity of our class and people against the 1%, for building the labor led all people's movement to defeat the extreme right wing today and winning Bill of Rights Socialism in the US tomorrow.

The new club reflects overwhelming majority support of CPUSA members in Houston for the democratically arrived at CPUSA program and policy and for upholding democratic principals and practices of the organization.

We again repudiate the destructive and divisive web page calling itself "Houston Communist Party" and those who associate with it and welcome the establishment of the new Houston CPUSA Facebook page which reflects the views and policies of the CPUSA. 

CPUSA Coordinating Committee
July 8, 2012

As capitalism tries to bluster and deceive its way through its current crisis, it is important that all progressives focus on advancing and uniting the working class and its allies. Texas' new clubs are a welcome addition in that great struggle.