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"Globalize Justice, Not Capitalism!"

Houston Protests Inauguration
by Paul Hill for the People's Weekly World

HOUSTON - On 1/20/05 Texas' largest city expressed resistance to the Bush administration.

At noon, people gathered at the University of Houston campus for a puppet parade. The parade told the "story of the struggle of civil society against empire." In the afternoon, Houstonians went to the Galleria shopping center to get out the word of resistance to the Bush administration to shoppers there. At night, there was an "inaugurate yourself" party at Sesquicentennial park, where many gathered to celebrate the resistance to the Bush administration, and then marched through downtown, making resistance visible.

On 1/22/05 about 100 people gathered at Market Square Park in downtown at 12:30pm to participate in a march to the Houston Chronicle and City Hall to express their outrage at the Bush administration. They marched, chanted pro-peace slogans and carried signs exclaiming "Bush lied, thousands died." Reporters quoted Aswad Walker, an instructor in the University of Houston African American Studies program, "We've got some joker who stole the White House two times who is now trying to tell us how to live our lives!"

The themes of the protest included ending the war in Iraq, stopping racial intolerance, repealing the Patriot Act, supporting abortion rights, supporting gay and lesbian rights and ending environmental harm. The march was organized by a coalition including the Harris County Green Party, Progressive Workers Organizing Committee, and Latinos Por La Paz.

Although the march was peaceful, the rhetoric was powerful. The Houston Chronicle quotes Cristobal Hinojosa of the group Mexicanos en Accion as saying "We are not going to bend our heads to power. We are going to continue to fight for what is right."