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It's a Matter of Surviving

As the 20th century arrived, it was apparent that unplanned capitalist economies could only continue to expand until they collided with one another in world wars. Lenin made it clear in his great book, Imperialism, long before WWI actually began. Afterward, capitalist "leaders" ignored the lesson and went on expanding under their guiding "invisible hand" of greed to create the situation for WWII.

Most of us were born after that horror that took tens of millions of young lives and more millions of civilians. We lived in a period of capitalist expansion, without realizing, again, that the industrialized countries need some kind of plan if they are to avoid going through this repeating hell again and again. Many say that the planet could not survive another world war, even while they stand by and watch it develop just as it did in the early 1900s and the 1930s.

International planning, then, is our only hope to survive without risking our planet in another world war. We made some progress with international treaties and supervisory organizations, but the United States started to go its separate way. Today, we find ourselves increasingly isolated from the rest of the world and applying military "solutions" to international problems.

Can we educate ourselves and others in time? Joining the Communist Party in opposition to unbridled capitalism is more than a moral statement. It's a matter of survival.

--Jim Lane