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Inauguration Protested in Dallas

By Jim Lane

The commercial media may have indicated otherwise, but a lot of Americans were not celebrating on January 20 when GW Bush was re-inaugurated. In Dallas, 200 activists gathered at the John F Kennedy Memorial downtown for a mock funeral to bury democracy, free press, and the bill of rights.

State Representative Lon Burnam, who heads the Dallas Peace Center, said, "This is the worst day in American history. It isworse than December 7, worse than September 11." He went on to say that the Bush Administration's attacks on American democracy are appalling and likely to get worse. He also contradicted Bush's claim that democracy was growing in Iraq because of elections being forced on the people there. Burnam said that the coming elections in Iraq were just as fraudulent as the ones just conducted in Ohio.

Earlier in the day, during the inauguration, a group named "Drums not Guns" beat out a rhythm of protest at the same downtown site.