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Texans March in Solidarity with Undocumented Workers

During the weekend of March 31, Texans took to the streets to protest government efforts to divide the working class between those who immigrated here recently and those who immigrated earlier. In San Antonio, activist Frank Valdez reports that 20,000 people marched. At Dallas City Hall, organizers estimated 7,000 at a march and rally. One of the signs, below, nominates Congressman Sensenbrenner for "Fuehrer." Sensenbrenner's HR4437 is among the most severely divisive of all immigrant proposals.

Union people celebrated the 1927 birth of Farmworker organizer Cesar Chavez on March 31. In Farmers Branch, Texas, activists continued to register voters and get ready for the May 12 election, when they will pass or defeat a racist ordinance modeled after the one in Hazelton, Pennsylvania.

A number of bills are in the U.S. Congress concerning treatment of the undocumented. They vary in how bad they are, but none of them would tend to prevent or heal the rift between America's workers. Racism, as always, is capitalism's main wedge to divide the workers.

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