Get Ready for a Bombardment of Lies

Progressive activists, especially those in Texas, may as well get used to the idea that they are going to have to argue for immigrant rights. The right-wing crazies who run this country and control its information sources are going to make sure that people are seriously misled. Many well-intentioned people are going to fall for the claptrap that immigrants, especially those who speak Spanish, are causing all the problems in this nation.

The corporate right-wingers intend to divide us, and the extent to which they are successful depends on how well we can present the truth. It is counter-productive to brand anti-immigrant feelings as racist, even though they essentially are. We need to "disagree without being disagreeable" and state the truth the best we can.

The truth is that immigration is not the source of America's problems. Capitalism is. Capitalists have manipulated immigration laws and practices just as they did slavery and for the same reason - to keep wages down. The corporate right-wing expects to use the immigration issue to divide the working class and the voters in the 2006 elections. In truth, imperialism is making immigration issues much worse in every industrialized country. As they suck up the resources of poorer nations, they cause desperate workers to immigrate. America's current high levels of immigration from the South can be directly traced to the institution of NAFTA and other imperialist arrangements.

The truth is that the only long-term solution to America's problems is to end the rule of capitalists. The truth is that only the unity of the working class, including immigrant workers, can bring about positive change.

Below is the gist of a letter recently received by Texas CP that presents some of the arguments we are going to hear over and over. It's a good opportunity to prepare one's own explanations. The background is this: The brother originally wrote to join because he wants to overcome capitalism. In his second e-mail, he pointed out all the problems plaguing him. He mentioned that he blamed Mexican immigrants for a lot of it, and I responded that our position is for unity of the working class - which means support for immigrants' rights. As far as I could tell, this brother is being honest and is well-intentioned, but he has picked up just about every piece of anti-immigrant nonsense being peddled today. His third e-mail is below:

Dear Jim,
Since your organization supports the unsustainable immigration into the US, we agree to disagree. I cannot support a party who encourages all kinds of people to come into this country, destroy the environment, bring in disease, and has no protectionist views for the millions currently living in dire conditions here.

To add more poverty and crime, destroy more jobs, only encourages the elite to win what they seek,,the slave conditions of low wages that cannot sustain the workers. Immigration has allowed this to happen with the great plot of the elite class. When you don't support current legal workers who have lost jobs due to millions of illegal foreigners, you fail America in my opinion.

The foreign labor markets are exploited all the same, and the rich win at the cost of the poor lives. Living in 3rd world conditions which uncontrolled immigration will bring about only serves the purpose of the elite. This is what they want, to bring in people who are willing to live in poverty, send their money back to Mexico or wherever, and I see no positives in such a scenario.

This is one of the very destructive problems nobody wants to correct. Again, I say, if America can't support it's own workers, and turns it's back on the current American-born population, then there is no hope unless we shut down the elite's access to foreign cheap labor. That means shutting down immigration, and destroying the elite class capability of transporting goods into this country made by foreign slave trade. If that means a depression, and the destruction of this country, so be it. The rich have sold out millions, and now the Communists and the Capitalists are on the same sheet of music,,to provide for cheap immigrant labor, without any regard for the middle class who worked decades to get fair humane treatment, access to medical care, and a retirement for old age when they cannot produce anymore.

Instead, the sense many of us get is that the poor of Mexico, and the rich of Mexico and the global community want the middle class destroyed in the US, giving jobs now to the poor of other countries while the rich get richer on cheap labor, and we see our jobs, benefits, and retirements disappear. This is what creates a backlash of hate. I hope your party understands our position. It seems I am a Protectionist then, and not a Communist. I respect your position, but cannot be a part of it.


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