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Your Election-Night Input is Needed

Every good activist I know is working on the elections. Most of them will be attending some kind of event on election night.

Please gather your comments for an all-Texas review of the 2004 elections. I'd like to put together short quotes & observations from all over, then make sure our state gets good representation in the post-election copy of the paper. It should be a historic issue.

Any kind of short comments will do, but they need to be localized, like: "Here in ____, people thought the main issue was ____, so we were (pleased/surprised/furious) when they announced __..."

People I've been interviewing are optimistic about Tuesday's outcome. Of course, we can do quite a lot more than worry.

Everyone seems to be busy on election work. Exciting Party developments are underway in all major Texas cities. I would like to see more commitment to working together collectively as this election frenzy grinds down. If we organize, the future looks good.

PWW fund drive is on and we got a good start. Send money to PWW, c/o Longview Publications, 235 W. 23rd, NYNY 10011, or to Box 226147 Dallas TX 75222, or use paypal at www.pww.org. Without the annual fund drive, the paper wouldn't exist.

with love & solidarity
Jim Lane, PWW correspondent in Dallas