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Texans Must Fight for Single-Payer Health Care

During the recent elections, health care activists let other issues overshadow theirs. None of the candidates had chosen single-payer health care, which is probably the only real solution. The best solution, known as House Resolution 676, was not raised as an issue in the election. U.S. Representative John Conyers, author of the bill, sent this out in late December:

Tell Obama: Single Payer Healthcare is the Answer

President-elect Barack Obama has set up a website to solicit ideas from ordinary citizens on the most important issues facing our country.

Obama wants to hear from you about health care. Now is our chance to show the president-elect the tremendous support nationwide for single payer health care.

Show your support for single payer health care

Single payer universal health care is the only solution that will take profit out of our health care delivery system. We need health care reform that will:

* Create a publicly-financed, privately-delivered universal health care program covering all Americans;

* Cover all medically-necessary services without charging co-pays or deductibles;

* Eliminate corporate greed from our health care delivery system.

Thank you for your continued support for a better democracy.
John Conyers, Jr.
John Conyers' Health Care Platform HR 676


In other words, Conyers is unleashing all the health care activists who kept quiet during the election. All of us need to resume pushing for this, the best and the only real solution.

How is 676 different?

No matter what arguments are made for which proposal, insurance companies are always part of the mix. Insurance companies have revealed themselves clearly to be only interested in profit. Only a proposal like HR 676, which expands Medicare and leaves insurance companies out entirely, removes that profit motive and puts health care in the hands of the people.

Below is a letter recently received by Communist Party of Texas. The woman is from a major Texas City.


France Has Better Health Care

When I discovered I had breast cancer in France, my husband and I canceled our flight to come live in the states because, although I had long since done all my paperwork, Medicare would not get back to me as to my status. I was afraid to come home to my own country. I had my mastectomy in the local hospital aux Sables d'Olonne. The French paid every penny.

For a year and a half in the states, my husband lived on pain pills. Then his bumbling doctor accidentally discovered Pierre had a large kidney stone. We were shoved from place to place, phone # after #. Finally we were told that the place to go with his reimbursable French insurance was the university hospital. We submitted his documents, did the surgical workup and then were told he couldn't be helped unless he paid $10,000 in advance!

We took a plane directly to France. He was taken to surgery almost immediately. But he had been shoved around with all those delays by my greed-is-good country and he lost his left kidney. I am still outraged. So, we live here in fear and have decided to go back to France next summer.

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