Texan Reports Back from National Conference

From April 20th to April 22nd, I attended the YCLUSA and CPUSA National Conferences. I was honored to attend the events that weekend in the company of Comrades from around the country, i.e., Alaska, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Illinois, Colorado, Florida, New York, Connecticut, California, and Oregon. There were also two international attendees present. Ana Maria Prestes Rabelo of the Communist Party of Brazil was present and spoke at the conference and a Comrade from Cuba, who also spoke, was present, as well.

The YCLUSA Conference began at 4:00 PM on Friday April 20th. Because of uncooperative flight times, I was required to leave early on Sunday. I had to leave at the conclusion of the presentations on social media, so I had to miss a few of the final speeches and presentations. Despite this I still learned a great deal. I returned home from the conference with several impressions:

1. Voting Democrat in the next election cycle is vital to meeting the immediate needs of the working class.
2. We cannot fail to continue the process of educating the public on the need for socialism in this country.
3. It is essential that the youth of this nation and this party get involved in political affairs if there is to be any chance for socialism to win.
4. The Left Wing in the United States is heavily fractured. There needs to some sort of action taken to begin addressing this issue.
5. CPUSA and YCLUSA are extremely racially diverse. This is not just a party of ‘Old White Men.’
6. CPUSA and YCLUSA, on a personal and individual level, need to do a better job of appealing to women in this country. We need to show women that we appreciate their struggles and are ready to fight alongside them.
7. Racism and Gender Discrimination, primary tools of the Right Wing’s propaganda machine, are still alive and well in the United States.
8. CPUSA and YCLUSA are growing by leaps and bounds and need the help of everyone involved to continue their positive progress.
9. General discontent towards to the actions of the Right Wing is growing faster than CPUSA and YCLUSA.
10. It is essential that CPUSA, YCLUSA and all of their subordinate entities get involved in the vast world of social media. To fail to do this would be to knowingly pass up our greatest possible marketing tool for reaching potential new members.