How They Trivialize Important Activities

I encountered some slick Right Wing Propaganda today. I was listening to 92.5 KZPS, the Classic Rock station in Dallas/Fort Worth. I may have missed it, if I had not been listening closely. They said, "Who cares about Romney or Obama? Vote for something that really matters. Who is DFW's hottest Mom? Go to our website and vote now.....It can't wait!!!!!"

Here is how it goes:

Their Example: A pivotal Presidential Election vs. Provocative Imagery.

(Images showed Obama, Romney, and a scantily dressed woman in a provocative pose)

The Right Wing’s hope is that most people will pay more attention to the provocative imagery and less attention to the election.

There is a strong argument among the youth of this party, and throughout the country in general, about why we should get involved in an election that many feel will do them no good. They say things like, “It does not really matter if I vote anyways. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are looking to screw us in the end. We do not have any real power.”

I wonder how this is so. The Democrats are not the ones proposing and passing laws that restrict the rights of Youth, Women, Workers, the LGBT Community, and Minorities; i.e., Voter Suppression, attempts to cut Planned Parenthood, Right to Work Legislation, laws restricting the confines of Marriage, and Racist Immigration Policies. It is the Republicans that are doing these things.

I must then address the statement. If either party is going to screw us in the end, Republicans that are doing these things; furthermore, if we have no real power, why then are they using such slick methods as 92.5’s ‘Hottest Mom’ competition to distract us from voting?

It is because if all of the groups of people in this country that are being attacked right now unite and vote in November, the Republicans will suffer a brutal and crushing defeat from which, it will be very difficult to recover.

Getting out to the polls in November and voting Democrat is an absolute must for anyone in this country that that is interested in fighting for the immediate needs of working class people.