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Texans Outnumber KKK Bigot Demonstration

by Vivian Weinstein

The Austin KKK planned a demonstration to support proposition 2. The police barricaded the area so that the anti proposition 2 voters on the 1st street Bridge over the Colorado River in Austin could not have any contact with 12 KKK demonstrators. The police secured the area and searched the KKK demonstrators for any arms.

A peaceful group of about 400 walked with signs and sang as they crossed the bridge handing out yellow flowers. The group handed out flyers and the main organizing group was "No Nonsense in November" They opposed proposition 2 which would make a Texas Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as ONLY between a man and a woman. Many signs waved saying, "Vote NO on Proposition 2". The crowd was mainly young and spirited and people were asked to sign a pledge of non violence before they crossed the bridge.

The group spread a huge Texas flag that was best seen by the 2 helicopters flying above.

This group gathered peacefully. The proposition 2 is one of hate, bias, and injustice. They asked for a no vote. The KKK who were supporting the proposition do not speak for the people of Texas! All Three major speakers stressed that the amendment was poorly worded, strongly prejudicial, bigoted and "attack our Bill of Rights".

Glen Maxey was the main organizer of "No Nonsense in November" had made history as a 1st openly gay man who was elected to the Texas House. He spoke passionately about his life and the injustice of the proposition for gay people.
Rev. Peter Johnson had worked for many years in the Civil Rights Movement along with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He spoke against the bigotry in proposition 2 and quoted Dr. King, " Injustice for one is injustice for all". His speech was very moving and was based on his 40 years experience, arrests and many beatings for justice as a non violent worker in the Civil Rights Movement.

Jan Sifer is an Austin attorney and a director of the S.W. Anti Defamation League and spoke for the Jewish community and their support to stop proposition 2. Mart Bier ,a student, had broken all records getting 5000 students registered to stop proposition 2. Proposition 2 is more than an anti gay issue it is also a political diversion to keep people focused on fear and not on love or other important issues like hunger, jobs,war and fear keeps people from questioning the failure of this administration and its lies.

Upon leaving the bridge I spoke to a woman who described herself as a Catholic and religious Christian and voted against proposition 2 due to its discriminatory attitude. Her teachings ask to consider every human being including homosexuals with respect. To love others who may be different and to try to include the diversity of humanity with understanding and love not hatred.

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