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Texans Attend CPUSA Labor Commission Meeting

Communists like to take a collective long-view assessment of developments whenever they can. The CPUSA Labor Commission in Chicago provided an occasion for unionists from all over the nation to compare notes and project activities.

The first big theme was, "How do we help re-unify the American labor movement?" The division of the AFL-CIO was a major setback. Its' first bad effect was the passage of the CAFTA bill. It was noted that many efforts to heal or ameliorate the split are underway. Labor's victories in the California elections and for fair wages in the Gulf Coast came despite the official split.

Corporations continue to move factories and jobs around the world. A new worldwide division of labor is now evident, and a worldwide solution is needed. Several unions, notably the Steelworkers, have begun efforts. At the same time, American workers must fight the takeaways on every front. A campaign for national health care could solve many problems. As always the Communists will struggle for unity.

Texans spoke on most points. We have been active in fighting internationally.

The concessions that the United Auto Workers are taking are a concern for all working people. A united effort is necessary. Success in the 2006 elections could create an entirely new terrain for labor.

Retirees of all unions need to unite in a national fight to save their pensions. The terrific work already done on saving Social Security is a good basis for further building. A stronger CPUSA and more circulation of our information systems would greatly strengthen the working class movement.

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