Celebrate Labor's Day and Make It Even Better

Texans have a lot to celebrate as they begin Labor Day weekend. Federal Courts have repudiated some of the worst anti-democratic efforts of last year's state legislature. Texans will not have to restrict their voter registration drives, they will not lose their voter power due to the phoney "voter ID" law, and the next legislature is going to have to redistrict us all over again!

Texas has a long and dark history of racism. On the very day that they celebrated their "freedom," they also implemented the ugliest Black Codes in the South. It was impossible for a freed African American to even reside in the Republic of Texas! Very quickly after that, with the election of Mirabeau Lamar, they set out to kill or expel every Native American in the state. Mexican-Americans, of course, were always persecuted. The "rinches" [Rangers] murdered the ones that they couldn't drive out of the Valley at the beginning of the 20th century. Rangers were still beating up Mexican Americans as late as 1962!

The history of Texas racism continued into modern times. Until 1948, African Americans were prohibited from voting in "white" primaries, which effectively kept them from voting at all. Poll taxes lasted far after that. When the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, Texas was one of the states with such an evil record that they were designated to be under federal approval for any changes in their voting laws.

Then, in the last legislative session, Texas politicians decided to limit voter registration drives, impose difficult conditions on the right to vote, and they drew redistricting maps that actually diluted the power of minorities to elect U.S. Representatives in spite of the universal acknowledgement that the big rise in the state's population had come overwhelmingly from minorities!

The reason that the federal courts stopped the implementation of Texas law was racism, pure and simple.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott wasn't even embarrassed! He fired off public statements saying, essentially, that the problem wasn't Texas' past and present racism. The problem, Abbott says, is that people notice it and try to do something about it. He intends to get the Supreme Court to make them stop! He's going to try to overturn part of the Voting Rights Act!

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So, get out there and celebrate, Texans!

Sept 1, 10 AM. Workers Rights Board hearing "Wage Theft and Wage Depression: The Jobs Crisis Continues." Christ Episcopal Church, 543 W 10th in Oak Cliff (Dallas) 75208

Sept 1, 4:30 PM: Labor Day Dinner for construction workers and their allies from the Coalition for Ironworker Justice at the new Workers Defense Project space at Christ Episcopal Church. Contact Adrian for more details (480 213 7180).

Sept 3, noon to 4PM: Labor Day picnic in the Czech Hall, 4930 Military Parkway, Dallas

Amarillo CLC September 3, 2012 – Monday
Barbecue (11:30 AM – 3:00 PM)
Memorial Park on Washington St.
By Amarillo College

Austin CLC August 31, 2012 - Friday
Fish Fry (5:30- 8:30 PM)
Texas AFL-CIO Parking Lot
1106 Lavaca - Austin, Texas 

Coastal Bend CLC September 3, 2012- Corpus Christi
Breakfast (9:00 AM) - Monday
CWA 6137 Union Hall
1210 Staples Street
Corpus Christi, Texas

Dallas CLC September 3, 2012 - Monday
Labor Day Breakfast (9:30 AM)
Hampton Inn & Suites
1700 Rodeo Drive – Mesquite, TX
Tickets $25 p/p, $250 for Table (10)

El Paso CLC September 3, 2012 – Monday
Labor Day Breakfast (9:00 AM)
Wyndham Hotel Airport

Galveston County CLC September 3, 2012 - Monday
Breakfast – 9:00 AM
Walter Hall Park
807 Hwy 3 N.
League City, Texas

Harris County CLC September 1-2, 2012-Saturday/Sunday
BBQ Cook-Off
Saturday (10 AM – 6PM)
Sunday (10 AM – 4PM)
Pasadena Convention Center
7902 Fairmont Parkway
Pasadena, Texas

Permian Basin CLC September 3, 2011 – Monday
55th Annual Labor Day Celebration
Monday (11 AM)
Slater Community Center
W. 38th and Pleasant Streets
Odessa, Texas

San Antonio CLC August 30, 2012- Thursday
Labor Day Celebration
San Antonio Professional Fire Fighters
Association Hall (5:30 PM – 7:30 PM)
8925 IH 10 West, San Antonio, Texas
September 2, 2012 - Sunday

Labor Day Mass
San Fernando Cathedral – 8:00 AM
115 Main Plaza
San Antonio, Texas

Smith County CLC September 3, 2012 – Monday
Labor Day Picnic
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Lindsey Park, 12557 Spur 364 West
Tyler, Texas

Texarkana CLC September 3, 2012 – Monday
Labor Day Picnic
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Four States Fairgrounds
Texarkana, AR