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Do We Laugh or Cry?

Almost everything that the Texas Legislature is getting ready to perpetrate against us is grim beyond words, but they play the clowns, too. Word recently came that Representative Al Edwards of Houston is going to get his bill that would limit the movements of Texas Cheerleaders when they lead the mad crowds at football games.

The debate actually featured a recording of "Shake Your Booty!"

An earlier debate settled the question of the Official State Cooking Implement.

A friend writes:

It's good to know that my state's elected officials are looking out for my best interests. They don't waste time on namby-pamby bull like Social Security or increasing the minimum wage! No, they do a Real Man's Job by
defending me from Satan's latest form of infiltration: cheerleaders and their suggestive derrieres. It sure does take a real tough guy to stand up to gyrating 16-year-old girls, let me tell you!

I sure am glad my eyes, soul, and pocketbook are safely in the hands of Rep. Al Edwards and his friends, the same folks who brought me hits like "The Dutch Oven: State Cooking Implement of Texas" and warned me away from things like "Equal Rights For All" and "Workingman's Best Interests." Gee...what would America
do without these modern heroes?

--Vic Tomas

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