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Texas Hosts LeBlanc

by Matt Parker

DALLAS--Texas comrades recently hosted Judith LeBlanc, Communist Party leader and national co-chair of United for Peace and Justice. She spent several days touring Texas, speaking with communists, trade unionists, peace activists, immigrants rights activists, and other allies in the thick of the progressive struggles.

Judith began life in Ft. Hood, Texas. Although she spent her formative years on the East coast, she still enjoys returning to her lone star state, and we are thankful for the opportunity to host such an amazing activist. A Native-American, Judith grew up active in the Methodist Church. She later struggled for the rights of Native Americans, and stood alongside her brothers and sisters fighting for indigenous sovereignty at the Wounded Knee, S.D., reservation in 1973.

On Saturday, April 16, Judith spoke with several activists at a West Dallas restaurant. Her speech tied together several topics, including the efforts to end the occupation of Iraq, the fightback against the Bush administration's plans to privatize social security, and the struggles of immigrants for legalization and documentation.

In all cases she stressed broad, working class unity as our best weapon for realizing both our immediate demands as well as our struggle for socialism - the liberation of the working class from the tyranny of capitalism.

During the middle of her speech, a young waitress asked the guests if anyone needed anything. Judith quickly replied, "Social change." Her quit wit elicited laughs from the comrades and an obvious blush from the waitress. Although Judith has once again departed her native land, she has left us, deep in the heart of Texas, with renewed conviction in our struggle for a better, more beautiful world.





Native Texan Judith LeBlanc

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