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National CPUSA Leader Tours Texas

By Jim Lane

The Chairperson of the CPUSA National Organizing Committee, Libero Della Piana, toured the major cities of Texas in early April to meet with club members and political activists. The tour ended with a statewide meeting in Austin on April 8. Activists from 6 cities suspended their work on immigrants' rights and other important issues to discuss the overall situation together.

A hot topic was the immigrants' rights movement that was already underway with official and unofficial marches and walkouts across the state. The involvement of unions in most of the activities was especially noteworthy. The United Farm Workers were the main force in a San Juan demonstration of more than 3,000, the Service Employees (SEIU) were working in San Antonio, and AFL-CIO leaders were prominent in Houston and Austin.

The scandals in Congress, the Middle Eastern wars, and other issues were discussed with a special emphasis on the effects on the November elections. Della Piana reported on the most recent National Committee meeting of CPUSA, which affirmed the importance of defeating the right wing in November. Labor, women, racially and nationally oppressed peoples, and youth are especially important.

For lunch, the group ordered take-out Chinese food. One of the cookie fortunes was passed around. It read, "Union gives strength. Work collaboratively!"

The group enthusiastically responded to a report on the Young Communist League. All of us want to help get a big Texas delegation to New York for their convention at the end of May. Della Piana said the delegates will be joined by international guests from several countries. The deadline for applications is April 27.

Organizationally, the national leaders want to help each district, such as the state of Texas, to become larger and stronger through collective work. Because of the vast distances involved in our district, Texas has special difficulty. All the clubs will be discussing ways to improve and grow. The special importance of Houston, as the state's largest working-class center, was talked about.

Della Piana spoke very little as the Texans carried out their discussion, but he made a few remarks at the end. He said he was pleased to see Texas members so heavily involved in the working class movement here. "It is such a wonderful thing that there is a Communist Party in Texas," he said. "We offer hope for the future!"


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