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Texans Practice and Study

The most effective activists are those who apply both their mentality and their energy in the struggle for a better world. "Knee jerk activists," while doing good things nearly all of the time, can't be as effective as those who are using their heads as well as their feet and hands. Good activists participate in regular meetings where they review past activities, analyze current developments, and figure out the best way forward. People can do it on their own, to be sure, but a collective effort is better because it takes advantage of more viewpoints.

For activists who are scattered across hundreds of miles, an on-line gathering can help. The Texas Communist Party established the Little School to help us study and work together. A typical learning module includes a short reading, a few multiple-choice questions, a "forum" or bulletin board for shared comments, and regular meetings in the chat room. In 2007, we began meeting in the chat room of the "INTRO" module, part of the "HOW TO" category, at 8 PM CST every Sunday night. Start by clicking on

The school is up and running 24/7, and all of the modules are self-explanatory. As the Little School is in the experimental stages, your comments in the "forum" section are important.

Most serious activists would agree that too much study is just as bad or worse than too much activism. That's why this site encourages Texans to get involved. One doesn't really know if their ideas are any good until they try them. Progressive organizations are begging for help during this crisis of capitalism. For example, check out the sanitation workers' strike in the Ft Worth area.

The peace movement has activities every week!

Paul Hill took this photo in Washington DC on Jan 27

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