Lufkin Young Communists Meet

On Saturday the 19th of May the Lufkin YCL met to discuss the future of the socialist movement in Lufkin. The meeting was attended by Ian Cox, Dylan Roark, Nathan Duguay, and myself, Bryce Mitchell.

Topics discussed:

After an hour or so of talking, we had decided on our course of action. We decided to contact local
unions in hope of gaining support for our upcoming jobs march. We also decided we would attempt
to collect food to throw a Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who couldn’t afford to themselves. For
community projects we decided on starting a garden co-op to give a fresh, affordable local alternative
to corporate grocery stores. We decided on biweekly YCL meetings, with weekly meetings until the jobs
march June 16th.

Overall, our meeting went very well, and I look forward to our next one, Monday the 28th. The socialist
movement in Lufkin is growing and I hope meetings like this one and community projects by the YCL
will help sustain that growth in the face of the radical right-wing establishment in Texas and the United

-- Bryce Mitchell, Lufkin Young Communist League