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Trust the Media?

Given the shambles of commercial media credibility today, donations ought to be pouring in to the People's Weekly World. From one end of the political spectrum to the other, nobody trusts the corporate "news" people any more.

Out by the Dallas airport, there's a billboard from one of our local right-wing nut groups. "Don't trust the liberal media," it says. Meanwhile, North Texas unionists were appalled to see major news agencies announcing an October 3 strike date at United Auto Workers Local 848 that was, in fact, never called. On my car radio, a recording of the October 2 New Yorker Festival played. Top TV talkers Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and Tom Brokaw were lamenting their own loss of credibility. Brokaw referred to, "Three aging white men striving for credibility..." He had it right.

The immediate topic was the groveling that Rather and CBS have been doing since they admitted that some minor document that, with mountains of other evidence and mysterious information gaps, indicated that GW Bush might not have been the best of soldiers during the Viet Nam invasion. But, to his credit, Rather also brought in the really big sacrifice of all principle that came last year while Bush, with full media cooperation, whipped up hysteria for his war effort. Dan Rather, I recall, prostrated himself before Bush's schemes even more thoroughly, and more candidly, than the rest of them.

Rather reminded me of another car radio presentation the previous day, in which one of the embedded (in bedded) journalists interviewed a succession of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, all of whom wholeheartedly endorsed the Bush invasion and occupation. Probably, they were the only soldiers who do, and the only ones allowed on the radio. It's my understanding that the soldiers won't get a secret ballot to make their opinions clear in this election.

More and more, people are turning to independent sources to find out what is going on. Undoubtedly, that new reliance on independent sources explains an announcement by Announce@ntimc.org: "FBI seizes Global Indymedia Servers. Reasons Unknown." They said that the FBI had raided news services in the US and the UK to take away their computer hard drives!

These isolated events serve to focus on and enlarge the importance of the //People's Weekly World.// The donations must come!

--Jim Lane in Dallas

The author can be reached at flittle7@yahoo.com