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American Workers Are Not Helpless

The next time somebody says there's nothing we can do, remind them of 10/27/05 when it became known that GW Bush had reversed his Executive Order cutting Gulf Coast wages, and then Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court excused herself.

I am grateful to have a little concession speech to make to one of Texas' CP's newest members. I disagreed with her a few days ago when she wrote:

"I'll keep tabs on what going on with the [Harriet Miers] nomination, but my jaded political instincts are telling me that, although Bush rarely changes course, the negative press coming from the CIA leak (with indictments appearing more and more likely) may cause him to try and divert the press with a "new" nomination. I'm guessing the admin will have Harriet withdraw herself from the process and then the media will be all agog over the next named nomination. Just my gut feeling..."

Not only did the people's forces get a victory with Miers' withdrawal, but one of our newest people had the sagacity to predict it!

The battle for decent treatment for Gulf Coast hurricane victims is hardly over. None of our battles is over. The government still needs to re-instate affirmative action and other policies, but the campaign to save Davis-Bacon prevailing wage policies has apparently won.

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney wrote: "Bush reversed his decision after a public outcry and bipartisan opposition to his worker pay cut in the House and Senate. Over 350,000 letters to Congress have been sent from AFL-CIO activists alone. The Bush Administration could count the votes…."

All good strategies and tactics are based on a correct assessment of present situations. This summer, the CPUSA convention took the stand that stopping the extra-crazy Bush forces was both expedient and possible. Other people, who say that all is already lost or that the Bush Administration has already brought fascism to America, will need to take another look.


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